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Low Voltage ABC Systems
Low Voltage Servicing O/H & U/G
Medium & High Voltage Insulation
Medium Voltage Cut Outs (EDO'S)
Fused Switch Disconnectors
Othe Products
  1. Hand Operated Serivce Fuses (Cut-Outs)
  2. Pole Mounted Fuse Fittings
  3. Fused Connection Boxes
  4. Fused Disconnect Switches
  5. Unfused Connection Boxes
  6. Service Cable Termination Fittings
  7. Servicing Assemblies
  8. Underground Residential Distribution Systems (URD)

Underground Residential Distribution Systems (URD)

Flowline produce and distribute a wide range of equipment for use in underground power reticulation systems.

Some of the more popular products in this group are:

  • Pillar Bases and Turrents.
  • Link Panels.
  • Fused Panel assemblies with combination of fuse equipment.
  • Fused Panels complete with all bridging and tap cables pre-fitted.
  • Service Tee Joints.
  • Public Lighting control panels.
  • Specialty Lugs and connection systems.

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