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  1. Hand Operated Serivce Fuses (Cut-Outs)
  2. Pole Mounted Fuse Fittings
  3. Fused Connection Boxes
  4. Fused Disconnect Switches
  5. Unfused Connection Boxes
  6. Service Cable Termination Fittings
  7. Servicing Assemblies
  8. Underground Residential Distribution Systems (URD)

Service Cable Termination Fittings

Flowline manufacture three different styles of Service Cable Termination Fittings to suit individual power utility preferences.


Suits 10 & 16mm square, copper and 25 & 35mm square aluminium cable and also converts from a strain to a suspension clamp.

Manufactured from Ultra Voilet Resistant Polymers (All Plastic Version) and a combination of hot dip galvinised steel and or aluminium, depending on the customers requirements.

Open Hook for ease of attachment or Closed eye.

Convenient bolted clamping action includes spring loaded Pressure Pads for ease of installation.

The Cable Clamping Pads are specifically designed to protect cable insulation from damage,

High Voltage Withstand tested (15kV for 3 seconds) for attacment to high voltage steel or concrete poles.


Manufactured from Ultra Violet Resistant Polymers.

Suitable for two, three and four core XLPE insulated cables.

Fully tested to suit 6mm to 35mm square copper and aluminium cable.

Supplied with a steel bail, bail design can be tailored to specific customer requirements.


Manufactured from Ultra Violet Resistant Poymers.

Model No TMC001 suits 4 to 16 mm square, 2 & 3 core cables and 4 to 10mm 4 core cables.

Model No TMC002 suits 25mm 2 core cable and 16mm 3 & 4 core cable.

Ideally suited to Neutral Screened Cables.

Hardware is all stainless steel.

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