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  1. Hand Operated Serivce Fuses (Cut-Outs)
  2. Pole Mounted Fuse Fittings
  3. Fused Connection Boxes
  4. Fused Disconnect Switches
  5. Unfused Connection Boxes
  6. Service Cable Termination Fittings
  7. Servicing Assemblies
  8. Underground Residential Distribution Systems (URD)

Pole Mounted Fuse Fittings

Our Pole Mounted Fuse Fittings are manufactured using impact, weather and UV reistant polymers, to ensure long service life in the harshest of conditions.

Up to 100 Amp rating.

Accommodates 22mm diameter by 57mm long HRC Fuse Cartridge with a maximum Power Dissipation of 9.5 watts.

Cable terminations are suitably plated and coated with corrosion inhibiting compound.

Accommodates both copper and aluminium cables from 4 mm to 50 mm square.

Cable entries desgined so as to eliminate moisture entry into the cable.

Fuse Carrier nd fuse Contact enclosure are light coloured for ese of identification and operation at night,

Available with various styles of Mounting Brackets.

Temperature rise tested in accordance with the requirements of AS60269.

Tested to withstand 15Kv for installation on conducting Poles carrying High Voltage condutors.

In addition to the above fittings, Flowline has Fused Mains Connection Boxes and Fused Disconnect Switches that are ideal in the role of Pole Mounted Fuse Fittings.

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