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Low Voltage ABC Systems
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Medium & High Voltage Insulation
Medium Voltage Cut Outs (EDO'S)
Fused Switch Disconnectors
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Flowline Industries is an Australian company founded in 1972 based in Melbourne Victoria.

Our focus is the design, manufacture and import of equipment for the power distribution and associated industries.

Our main manufacturing site and warehouse is located in Scoresby and contains facilities for injection moulding, CNC machining, metal fabrication and assembly. We have research and development facilities on site to provide us with the capability to carry out durability testing as well as assisting with new product development. Flowline also has warehousing and distribution centres in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Auckland N.Z.

We are proud to represent in Australasia the interests of Sefag Hardware Assemblies, located in Pietermaritzburg South Africa and Sefag AG, based in Malters Switzerland.

Our customers are primarily transmission, distribution and supply authorities throughout Australia and overseas.

  • Aerial Bundled Cable Systems & Accessories
  • Low Voltage Servicing Equipment
  • Medium Voltage Expulsion Dropout Fuse Fittings
  • Earthing Equipment
  • Network Fused Disconnect Switches
  • Medium & High Voltage Composite Strain & Post Insulators
  • Line Hardware


  • To provide our customers with solutions and products that best suit their needs, at the least cost. Without our customers, our reason for existing ceases.
  • To provide our customers with products that as a minimum meet, and if possible exceed their quality expectations. We will achieve this by listening to their needs and then applying our extensive engineering and manufacturing skills. These processes will be controlled by an independently audited Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO-9001: 2015. If our products fail unduly, we not only let our customers down, but we inconvenience the people our customers serve.
  • To provide our employees with a safe, healthy and harmonious work environment and through the opportunities and training, we can provide, and allow them to grow as individuals within a team environment.
  • To care for our environment by being efficient with the resources we use, and by using wherever we can materials which are safe to handle and that are also recyclable.
  • To be perceived by our customers, employees and suppliers as a professional organisation and a company of integrity.


CIRCUIT: Electrical Equipment for power distribution and servicing

HASDI : Silicone Rubber Strain and Post Insulators up to 33Kv
(HASDI is a registered trade name of Sefag Hardware Assemblies)

SILCOSIL : Silicone Rubber Strain and Post Insulators from 33 to 420Kv
(SILCOSIL is a registered trade name of SEFAG AG)

IXOSIL: High voltage cable accessories and systems
(IXOSIL is a registered trade name of SEFAG AG)

For more information about us and what we do browse the PRODUCTS page of our site.

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