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Low Voltage ABC Systems
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  1. Insulation Piercing Connectors
  2. Pre Insulated Compression Fittings
  3. Fused Switch Disconnectors
  4. Strain and Suspension Cable Support Products
  5. Accessories for LV ABC

Strain and Suspension Cable Support Products

We have a range of Strain and Suspension cable support fittings to suit all common cable sizes, details are as follows.

ABC Mains Strain Clamps

  • Clamps have Hot Dipped Galvanised mild steel or Extruded Aluminum straps.
  • Glass reinforced UV resistant clamp blocks
  • Hot Dipped galv or Stainless steel hardware.

ABC Mains Suspension Clamps

  • Suspension clamps are available in sizes to suit most common cable sizes.
  • Strain and suspension clamps are also available for ABC Service cable in common sizes up to 4x35mm sq. Refer section dealing with LOW VOLTAGE SERVICING EQUIPMENT.

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